How It Works


4OurKids is an all-volunteer organization formed to help with the effort of the educational initiative “No Child Left Behind.” We have seen far too many children held back or drop out of school for several reasons from bad study habits, adverse peer pressure, or having a low income or dysfunctional home. This organization, along with community leaders and volunteers, wishes to provide education funding to make it possible for these students to attend summer sessions when they otherwise would not have the financial ability to do so. For each student to fulfill a summer session costs nearly $250 per course. If the teen is not going through the court system and wishes to seek a 4OurKids scholarship for funding assistance, they must:
  • Submit a completed application to their school
  • Meet with the selection committee for an interview. The selection committee consists of both 4OurKids members as well as the school’s guidance counselors.
  • Any student awarded a scholarship must then also complete a local community service project