How To Help

We are here to Mentor, Inspire, and Assist

Mentoring is the foundation of the group, and for most of the youth assigned to 4OurKids, school is one of their biggest struggles and the least of their priorities. This highlights the stigma these teens are carrying around even more because academically, they are far behind their peers. Our goal is to get as many of the youth into summer school so that they can receive their diploma. Within our mentoring facet, we help them find their niche and gain the confidence they need. Whether that is athletics, community service, or education, our goal is to introduce them back to a productive lifestyle where considerate choices lead to positive outcomes. It is this part of “belonging” that helps these teens feel as if they fit in. The youth in the program make remarkable turnarounds with the path they choose to live. Even after leaving the program, they would come back year after year to help and to keep the connection with our founder, the late Carol Stark*. They are never at a loss for words when they share their testimonies with others about how much this program has changed their lives. We have also seen tremendous response from the public as well and have received support from businesses and citizens alike of the local school districts. The youth in the program have been involved with the Akron Lions, the Woman’s Club, the Ephrata Fair, Speedwell Fish Club, LCBA, and so much more, and it can’t be left unsaid how much of an influence those organizations have had on these teens. *Our founder passed away in June of 2022, but her work is continued by extended family and the 4 Our Kids Board.


We hold ongoing fundraisers throughout the year to help fund our scholarship goals. Contact us if you are interested in setting up a fundraising event. Fundraising events include:
  • Ham & Cheese sandwich and sub sales,
  • Spaghetti dinners with auctions,
  • Concession sales during “Concert By the Creek” at Ephrata Park.,
  • Local craft shows, Christmas on Main in New Holland.


We are always in need of helping hands. If you have an interest in volunteering with our organization, we would love to meet you and explore this opportunity. Volunteers can donate their time or their money to any of the events listed above by:
  • Helping sales,
  • Serving at, donating auction items for, or making desserts for the spaghetti dinners,
  • Working or donating desserts to sell at the concession stand Sunday evenings at the park,
  • and selling their crafts and/or baked goods during the Local craft shows or at Christmas on Main.
Follow the link below to review all future opportunities to volunteer and raise funds. Upcoming Event Calendar


We are a 501c organization, and your contribution is extremely appreciated.